Encounter Gigabit Adventurers in the Community Exhibits

One of the main reasons for attending the Gigabit City Summit is, of course, to find out what other cities are doing with their gigabit infrastructure.

Since landing gigabit internet, Kansas City has seen a steadily rising tide of creative uses for the gig. Some of the resulting projects are high-bandwidth apps, such as Fitnet, a mobile app for social fitness and videoconferencing with trainers. Others are community-coalescing initiatives, such as the Digital Inclusion Fund, which grants funding to projects that teach digital literacy skills. 

Whatever the application, people here are beginning to use ultrafast connectivity for all kinds of good things -- to drive business, empower education, boost healthcare, break through economic boundaries and make robots even cooler.

This January at the Summit, we are excited to show off some of our best and brightest gigabit pioneers in the COMMUNITY EXHIBITS portion of the program. Starting around 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday of the conference, the Community Exhibits space will open in the Bloch Executive Hall.

This will provide attendees the opportunity to meet the local makers and community leaders who inspire us every day at KC Digital Drive. And chances are, if you've got a fiber network coming to your town, you've got folks back home capable of doing similarly amazing things with the infrastructure. 

The full lineup for Community Exhibits has not been finalized, but the gallery below shows a sampling of what you might encounter.

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Stay tuned here for a final list of participants. And if you're a Kansas City area developer, entrepreneur or nonprofit specialist with a project deserving of being showcased, please fill out this form

Featured in the gallery:

Gigabots1 Million Cups - The Lean Lab - PlanIT Impact - KCSV - Sightdeck - Software Lending Library (beta) - Sportsphotos.com - Digistory Center (planned) - Digital Inclusion Fund