Register Now for GCS Webinar "Smart Cities: An Overview"

Seoul, South Korea - Charles Lam via  Flickr

Seoul, South Korea - Charles Lam via Flickr

Registration is now live for our November 5 webinar "Smart Cities: An Overview, " featuring a conversation with Boyd Cohen and Gordon Feller


Once signed up through the ticketing system, you'll receive a confirmation page and an email containing info on how to access the Cisco Webex meeting. 

Don't miss this unique opportunity to interface with two of the world's leading smart city thinkers, provided free of charge to anyone who's interested in attending the Gigabit City Summit in January. 

In this webinar, Cohen and Feller will provide an overview of the global "smart city" conversation that is still new to North America, but that has been going on in Europe, South America, and Asia for some time.

There are many different models, ranking systems and ideas to coordinate the spread of information around smart cities. To name just a few: the Intelligent Community Forum, Cohen's Smart Cities Wheel, the Smart City Expo, Legible Cities, Living Labs, Cisco's Smart + Connected Communities, the National League of Cities, the U.S. Mayors Conference… and many others.

This session won’t cover all of them but will give attendees a good frame of reference for this exciting movement in the U.S. and abroad. 

About the Presenters:


Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., LEED AP, is an urban and climate strategist helping to lead communities, cities and companies on the journey towards the low carbon economy. Boyd is a writer, researcher, professor, consultant and entrepreneur with a focus on climate capitalism and resilient cities. He is creator of the Smart Cities Wheel, a framework for considering the key components of what makes a city smart. Twitter: @BoydCohen


Gordon Feller is a Director at Cisco Systems' headquarters in Silicon Valley. Feller is also Co-founder/Convenor of Meeting of the Minds, an annual leadership summit organized since 2007 by Urban Age Institute (UAI). Feller advises leaders on how advanced technologies enable leaders to solve complex problems — with a special focus on developing practical and forward-looking solutions where economics, technology, and sustainability intersect. (Follow on Twitter: @MeetoftheMinds)