2016 Speaker Update: Gray Area's Peter Hirshberg Joins All-Star Lineup

At the Gigabit City Summit, our goal is for attendees to walk away from our conference not just with inspiration, but also with actionable next steps to take back to their cities.

To that end, we're assembling a lineup of speakers that will guarantee you get good, solid lessons on using your city's technology capabilities for community impact.

One man who definitely understands the connection between community and technology is Peter Hirshberg.

Peter Hirshberg to give GCS16 keynote.

Peter Hirshberg to give GCS16 keynote.

Peter is co-founder of San Francisco's Gray Area Art Gallery and Theater, a 7-year-old beacon for digital media artists whose mission is "to apply art and technology to create positive social impact through education, civic engagement, and public programs."

A Silicon Valley tech soothsayer with a heart for cities, Peter pioneered Urban Prototyping, a global movement that engages citizens in the co-creation and co-planning of their cities. Peter serves as chairman of the City Innovate Foundation, a SF-Berkeley-MIT-crossing organization that wants to build a network of global civic innovation centers. Along with Maker Fair Founder Dale Dougherty he is co-author of the forthcoming “Maker City Playbook”, a project of the Kauffman Foundation. And that's only a partial list of Peter's credits.


If you're interested in the ways your city's creative class of makers, artists, and entrepreneurs can engage in shaping the future of your city, then you won't want to miss Peter's talk at the Gigabit City Summit.