GCS2015 Panel Video: Building the Future with Gigabit Apps

Building the Future with Gigabit Apps (Day 2 Panel Session)

Panelists: Will Barkis (Orange Telecom), Glenn Ricart (US Ignite), Oliver Schuermann (Juniper Networks). Moderator: Kari Keefe (Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund)

The question persists—what do you need a gig for? We can admit that “gigabit” is something of a marketing term. 1,000 megabits is not a magic milestone. But the fact is that already, right now, it’s not that we can’t imagine or even execute on applications that need a lot more bandwidth than is currently available. We have the technology, it’s just not deployed in scalable ways because the network can’t handle it. Like any new infrastructure, the creation of these apps has the potential to be an enormous “economic development” engine for our cities and our country---and also to continue to offer improvements in our quality of life.

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