About the Registration Pricing Levels

UMKC Bloch Executive Hall Loby

UMKC Bloch Executive Hall Loby

The Gigabit City Summit North America is not just unique in that it's the first national gathering designed for leaders in gigabit cities -- that is, cities where a fiber-optic broadband network is available to residents or is in the planning stages.

It's also unique in that it's designed around collaboration. We want to ensure that when you leave this conference, you will have the beginnings of a customized plan for how your community can seize the gigabit opportunity.

It has been our experience in Kansas City that we have made the most progress in moving forward as a gigabit city when we have used the efforts and collaborative thinking of a cross-section of our stakeholders. This teamwork approach helped us create a playbook for success that we at KC Digital Drive refer to on a daily basis.

We are designing the Gigabit City Summit to assist cities and metropolitan areas in starting to build that collaborative, cross-functional team and plan. Our registration pricing strongly encourages that approach.

While we welcome individual registrations, we offer a significant discount (30%) for cities or metropolitan areas that plan to bring a delegation of at least five members. This is reflected in the "Metro Delegation" packaging of five or more attendees.

Moreover, with earlybird pricing in effect through November 15, this package is available at $2,095. You have the option of adding additional members at the rate of $419 each. Just go to the registration page and pick the number, 5 or greater, of people you want to send.

Pricing Breakdown:

Individual Registration: $695 / $549 until Nov. 15

Metro Delegation: $2,995 / $2,095 until Nov. 15

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On November 15, the package price will increase to $2,995 (or $599 per member, still lower than the post-Earlybird individual rate of $699). That's a savings you don't want to miss.

But, you may be asking, how can I gather a delegation?

We encourage you to seek out others from your metro area who share similar interests. Whether it's making sure that center cities and suburbs are aligned or that community champions accompany city officials -- there is strength in numbers. 

The conference will feature activities specifically designed to allow metros to collaborate as teams. But if you'd rather come as an individual, there will be plenty of opportunities to meet and collaborate with like-minded members of other communities. In fact, our City Connection Dinners on the Monday evening before the conference is designed especially for cross-pollination, so be register here. 

If you need help filling out your registration, contact Jason Harper at jharper@kcdigitaldrive.org or 816-695-8770.