If you've looked at our registration process, you’re probably wondering, “How should I find four other people to attend this conference with me?”

While we welcome individual registrations, there is a special benefit to sending a Metro Delegation to participate together in the Gigabit City Summit. After all, we wouldn't be recommending this approach if we weren't sure it would pay off! 

We did this because, in Kansas City, we have fully experienced the benefits of involving people with different expertise, different points of view, and different geographies in our efforts to take advantage of ultra-high speed connectivity. In other words, it has really paid off for us to work together as a team. 



  • Programs that illustrate diverse impact of the gigabit, from technical to connectivity opportunities.
  • Speakers and panels from a variety of perspectives including policy, process, and technology.
  • Networking and small group opportunities with peers from other Gigabit Cities.
  • Strengthening relationships within your community for intentional and coordinated thinking about the future.
  • Pre-summit webinars and consultation to help set your delegation’s Summit agenda.
  • Hands-on help from experienced community leaders to build your impactful technology plan/playbook.
  • Interactive workshops to begin a gigabit playbook tailored for your future planning. 

The makeup of your city’s delegation will be different depending upon population, the number of political subdivisions involved, and the particular interests or challenges you face as a community. Unlike many of our civic institutions, the Internet's jurisdiction doesn't stop at city, state or county lines. 

  • City Leaders: Mayor, city manager, council member or department head
  • Chief Innovation Officer: Or whoever carries that banner, if not title
  • Economic Development Official: Chamber of commerce, EDC, technology council
  • Digital Equity Champion: Librarian, community activist, or other nonprofit digital inclusion advocate
  • Community Builder: Connector at the heart of tech advocacy in your community 
  • Technologists: Those developing gigabit use cases in the private or public sector
  • Suburban and Exurban Partners: Because gigabit cities need regional participation

We will be happy to help you put together a delegation that will fit your needs. Please feel free to schedule a free consultation with Aaron Deacon, KC Digital Drive managing director, at 913.475.9885 or